What Is Sextoy Affiliate Program, And How Does It Work?

An affiliate program is also known as an associate program; these sextoy affiliate programs are contracts in which an online website merchant pays commission to websites affiliated with them. These websites often send them traffic to get a commission. Affiliated websites post links for merchant sites. Affiliates get paid according to the agreement. These agreements are usually based on buying and visiting; for example, if someone bought a sex toy by your links them, you will get paid, and how many links you send to users basically if your affiliated website arranges to bring traffic and money to the merchant’s website. The merchant will pay you for that agreement.

Sex toys are getting so much famous in the global market. Every man and woman wants to spice up things in their lives, and sex toys are the best option to achieve sexual pleasure, orgasm, and excitement. So the sex affiliation program can be the best opportunity to earn a good amount of money. Most sex toy users want to keep their identity anonyms, so they don’t go to sex shops to buy sex stuff; instead, they prefer to buy those things online. If you are interested in sextoy affiliate and you don’t know how it works? And reasons why you should join? Don’t worry; here is the procedure for how to affiliate with sex toys websites and the reasons why you should join.

Why join?

·        First and foremost, these programs are 100% free and easy to set up. You don’t have to give a single penny for registration. Registration can be done in 5-10 minutes.

·        Every sale of sex toys done by your link can get you up to 15% commission. So you can make a good amount of money by joining these affiliation programs.

·        Customer services for affiliates are very reliable and active 24/7 to assist you with your queries.

·        High-end management to track your sale instantly and provide you with a reward that you have earned by your links.

How to apply for a sex toy affiliation program?

1.      Best site choosing – Choose a website that is reliable and provides you free of cost registrations.

2.      Registration – For registration, you can use your phone number or email address. While registering, websites want to fill in your details like your name, address, etc. Fill them out responsibly, and the registration process will be done without additional charges.

3.      How to share – There would be certain ways to promote, such as posting their referral on your blogs, websites, portfolio, and online networking pages. Apart from this, there are many applications like telegram, which allows their user to share various links; you can also use these applications.

4.      Commission – The website will provide you with the product details and your commissions for different products. You don’t have to take any stress about keeping records of your sales because the website will provide you with a dashboard that is regularly maintained to keep your every record of rewards, payments, and earnings.

5.       Payment option – When you earn enough to withdraw your amount, the website will ask you for your payment option. You can provide your bank details or debit card details. Then, your payment will be initiated instantly. The website allows the payout at the end of every month, and there is a minimum limit on how much you can payout; every website has its minimum payouts.

Ads, banners, and links material for promotion

The affiliate links, banners, and advertisements are provided to you by the website for putting them in your affiliate portal, whether it is your website or blog. The website will provide you with high-quality banners and promotional links, but you can customize your own if you don’t like their provided links.

Some of the sextoy affiliate programs

1.      Luxurious bliss adult toy affiliate program

These programs offer a 20% commission on every sale that you make. They provide the best quality sex toys for both males and females. You can boost your sale with these affiliation programs and earn a decent amount of money monthly.

2.      My secret luxury introduces affiliate programs.

If you are a blogger or review adult toys, then this program would be an ideal choice for you to go with. My secret luxury created a quality selection of luxury sex toys and lingerie. The registration process for this program is very easy, and you can earn up to 20% commission on the sale of every product. People often love the quality products for my secret luxury.

3.      Geeky sex toys affiliate program – power by reversion

Thirty days commission type of program. The commission provided by this program may be less, around 10-15%, but the flexibility in working for this program is very high. And the products provided by them are sex doll which is highly preferred by a lot of males for experiencing real sex.

Sextoy affiliate can be a chance for you to earn good money online and just by sitting at home. Sex toys have been widely famous since the early 90s and still going on. You can sell different types of sex toys in these affiliation programs. So register today to start earning without any investment.


1.      Why do these programs provide us commissions?

Ans. When you sell any of their product, you make them a huge profit, so they provide you a little commission from their profit in order to expand their sale.

2. How reliable their programs are.

Ans. These programs are often powered by various known organizations, which you can easily trust. So these programs have no motive to cheat you even if you do not have any registration fee, so they are safe to proceed with.

3. Where can I find these affiliation programs?

Ans. Adult affiliations programs are available online. In addition, there are many websites and organizations which provide the facility of affiliations for you.

4. What sex toys can I sell in adult affiliation programs?

Ans. Sex toys for males and females can be sold, for example, for a male sex doll, male masturbator, and male vibrator and the female g-spot vibrator, c-spot vibrator, and many more. 

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